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Market Analysis
Durante Associates is experienced in determining the viability of markets for both products and services. They successfully completed the assessment of ethanol markets and the use of ethanol as a gasoline additive to reduce auto emissions for several major companies. Douglas Durante has directed studies on the viability of producing and selling ethanol products in more than a dozen states from Maryland to Hawaii.

Raymond Durante has conducted market studies for nuclear products and services for both government and commercial applications. The firm has used this experience to develop vital market data for a variety of other technologies and products.

Legislative and Regulatory Analysis
Very few industries are not affected by the actions of legislative or regulatory bodies, particularly in the fields Durante Associates works in. The firm has extensive knowledge of the legislative process, as well as procedures used to issue and modify both state and federal regulations. They have been involved in virtually every major legislative initiative pertaining to the production and distribution of ethanol and ETBE over the last 20 years. They assisted in developing tax incentive programs and environmental specifications for the final product in both federal and state legislation.

They are skilled at helping clients understand the impact of legislation on their businesses, both as a means of growth and as a possible impediment. This paves the way for the development of a legislative strategy that can capitalize on opportunities, or mitigate the impact of negative actions.

The firm has assisted organizations in identifying relevant government programs as sources of funding and grants for the development of new fuel production technology.

They have worked with government agencies such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to clarify and define their regulatory procedures.

Proposal Strategy & Preparation
Durante Associates has assisted more than 40 U.S. and international companies seeking major federal and commercial contracts in nuclear and transportation fuel projects. They have supervised or prepared complete marketing plans and proposals and served as part of the clients proposal team. They have been on Red teams and conducted follow-up marketing reviews, identified market opportunities and teaming arrangements and conducted analysis of competition .The firm is familiar with personnel and policies of pertinent government agencies and can provide effective liaison and intelligence gathering to assist in making bid-no-bid decisions.

The firm is particularly skilled in facilitation and setting up meetings, conferences and technical panels. They have functioned in this capacity for the Nuclear regulatory Commission, the Department of Agriculture and a number of major industrial and Government organizations. They have planned, organized and staffed more than dozen technical seminars dealing with nuclear technology, transportation fuels, food irradiation and other timely topics. The principals of the firm have presented papers and lectured in Europe and South America, and provided services to the Canadian and Japanese governments.

The firm has organized more than a dozen major technical meetings and symposia featuring well known experts and government officials discussing timely topics and events, particularly for energy related issues. They have also produced major reports and public documents currently in wide distribution by Government agencies.

Durante Associates’ long tenure in Washington allows them to rapidly assemble relevant experts and authorities, and they have hosted and coordinated visiting international delegations. For these clients they have arranged for information exchange meetings and facility tours of power plants and ethanol facilities.

Product Commercialization
Durante Associates has assisted domestic and international clients in marketing products for commercial applications. Examples include: a hydrogen generator for boiling water type nuclear reactors: a pneumatic waste handling system for hospitals and office buildings: a small portable electric generating plant designed to operate on agricultural waste: a method for producing synthetic zeolite for use as a nuclear absorber: The firm has conducted market analysis and competition assessment for products such these and provided their clients with factual advice as to the advisability of commercialization.


Marketing & Business Development

Doug Durante and former Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson.


A large chemical company obtained patent rights and technology for the manufacture of synthetic zeolite, used as an absorber and cleanup agent in nuclear reactors. Durante Associates was retained by this client to quantify and define the market for this material and recommend a business development plan. As a result of the initial studies performed this client formed joint ventures with companies recommended by Durante Associates.

Durante Associates specializes in assisting companies in the pursuit of major government programs. For a major Japanese electrical manufacturing company; Durante Associates helped develop strategy for a proposal leading to their selection by the DOE to supply wire for the superconducting magnets; for a major western AE/construction company, Durante Associates established a strategy and proposal direction for their bid to operate a large defense complex; for a major producer of weapons and ordnance products, Durante Associates served on the Red Team and proposal strategy board for their efforts to win the contract to operate a U.S. Department of Energy weapons laboratory in Texas.

For a company seeking assistance in the development and demonstration of a new fuel production technology, Durante Associates successfully identified relevant government programs and assisted the company in receiving a federal grant for this purpose. Durante Associates continues to provide this client with ongoing market and government affairs services.

Durante Associates also has provided direct marketing for specific products or services, including:

  • A pneumatic waste handling and disposal system currently in use around the world;
  • A small, portable electric generating plant designed to operate on agricultural or other waste products;
  • Nuclear/toxic waste removal and handling services and complete site remediation;
  • A device that applies efficient control of electricity consumption of florescent light fixtures.

Ray Durante and former Bush EPA Administrator Christine Whitman



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