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Plant licensing and license extension
Durante Associates, working for the Canadian Government, assisted in organizing and staffing a U.S. subsidiary, AECL Technologies Inc, who served as the applicant for certification of the Candu Reactor system by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Raymond Durante managed a group of licensing specialists and was the liaison between AECL, U.S. utilities and government agencies. He also was a consultant to the Maryland Energy Authority for the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant license renewal program.

Waste handling and storage
Under a five-year contract with the DOE, Raymond Durante served first as a member then as chair of the Yucca Mountain Mined Geological Repository Consulting Board. This Board reviewed and commented on the design of the tunnel and above ground facilities on an ongoing basis and consulted with the project team. The company is also familiar with waste storage programs and the shipment and handling of spent fuel and radioactive materials.

NRC programs
Durante associates was involved in three major studies for the NRC. Raymond Durante was project Director for a Congressionally mandated study conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on NRC regulatory Activities. He also directed a Non FACA panel formed to review and assess NRC’s Nuclear Regulatory Research Program. He also directed a study on methods of conducting collaborative research programs with industry without compromising independence.

DOE programs
For the DOE, Durante Associates prepared an analysis of ongoing activities related to the global warming phenomenon, their relationship to Federal legislation under consideration at the time, and the impact on public perception. Durante Associates assisted companies in developing strategy for DOE programs involving advanced reactor designs, and equipment and systems required for weapons programs and environmental remediation activities.

Food irradiation
Durante Associates is the founder and manager of the Food Safeguard Council, a not for profit organization established to promote the use of ionizing radiation as a means of extending the shelf life of foods and eliminating harmful pathogens that cause sickness and death. Raymond Durante has become a recognized expert in this field and has lectured and presented papers all over the world on this subject.



Ray Durante with Nobel Prize Winner and Former Chair of the Atomic Energy Commission Glenn Seaborg.


For the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Durante associates directed a panel study group that included members of Congress and Government agencies on the NRC Regulatory Process for Nuclear power reactors. This was followed by two additional studies also directed by Durante Associates on NRC research programs.

Under a long term contract, Durante Associates served as executive consultant for Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd to develop and implement a plan for the introduction of the CANDU reactor system to be licensed and marketed in the U.S. Durante Associates organized and managed a team of licensing specialists and nuclear designers to work with AECL to modify the Canadian design for design certification application to the NRC.

Durante Associates assisted several U.S. firms in preparing proposals for DOE contracts such as the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository Project, the Production Reactor design Project, the management and operation of the Pantex Plant, and othe DOE projects.

Durante Associates assisted a number of U.S and International firms in commercializing specialized products developed for the nuclear industry. These included synthetic Zeolite for reactor use, extruded beryllium-copper storage casks, high quality niobium wire for superconducting magnets, a hydrogen generator for boiling water reactors and specialized handling equipment.




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