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Durante Associates, Inc. is a Washington, DC based consulting firm, founded in 1984. The firm combines government relations and business development skills with engineering and technical capabilities. Specializing in the areas of energy and environment, Durante Associates has been in continuous operation for 20 years, and has provided cost effective services to more than 40 commercial clients and government agencies.

This success is a result of the more than 75 years of combined experience of the two principals of the firm, Douglas Durante and Raymond Durante. Both of these individuals have directed their efforts to assisting clients in developing marketing strategies and implementation of sound practical business programs. They have working relationships with an impressive cadre of associates who can be called on to provide specific expertise as needed and have extensive experience in forming joint ventures, locating and evaluating subcontractors, and assisting in obtaining financing and government funding for major projects. Their long tenure in Washington D.C. has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of government agencies and how they work, as well as a strong rapport with government personnel and the U.S. Congress. Their business development strategies reflect the realities of politics, legislation, and regulations, and successfully help clients understand the impact on their businesses.

Within the key energy areas of ethanol and nuclear power, the firm has worked in the broad spectrum of alternative fuels, stationary power sources, hazardous and toxic waste handling, defense programs, food irradiation, and transfer of product technology to the commercial sector.

Durante Associates provides services in two general areas: government relations and business development. Within those areas, government relations activities include services such as development/implementation of legislative strategies and regulatory analysis. Business development services range from market analysis to bid strategy to proposal preparation. The firm also provides direct marketing assistance of selected products and services to government and private industry. Durante Associates is experienced in the formation of joint ventures, company mergers and acquisitions, and financing of major projects and purchases.

Durante Associates is a qualified GSA Advantage contractor with government approved rates and price lists. The skills and experience of the company are on file with the Government, and as part of the GSA team we have the use of a number of marketing and research tools made available to us, such as the Federal Procurement Data System, Federal Business Opportunities, and many others which provide access to procurements under consideration by a number of government agencies. Also, under the GSA Federal Supply Service program, Durante Associates is available for teaming and subcontract arrangements. Regardless of the size of your contract, Durante Associates can quickly and effectively be added to your team and contribute to the successful completion of your services while satisfying all government contracting requirements.

Durante Associates specializes in working with clients to develop a plan of action to meet their objectives. They are prepared to work as part of a corporate team or independently and through their extensive network system can utilize the services of various specialists on an as-needed basis. Compensation for services can be arranged to suit the needs of the client either on a retainer, hourly, or long-term basis. Having Durante Associates as part of your organization and business plan will prove to be a very cost-effective way to achieve your business development objectives. Durante Associates can help you, in a cost effective and efficient way.

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