What We Do

Durante Associates has been fortunate to be able work on a variety of exciting projects during our 30 years in business, and to be able to work with great clients and associates. Below are selected examples of the many projects we have been involved in to provide a snapshot of our broad capabilities.

Doug Durante during the Chief Ethanol plant expansion dedication in Hastings, Nebraska.

Durante Associates is the original founder and serves as the operating manager for the Clean Fuels Development Coalition (CFDC), a non-profit organization promoting the production and use of alternative transportation fuels. CFDC is nationally recognized for its work on the Clean Air Act of 1990 and is involved in a variety of legislative and regulatory issues.

Additionally CFDC works with Fortune 500, start-up,non-profit, high tech and commercial service businesses to augment their marketing and sales efforts towards identifying a clear business value of their product and services. 

For a rural Midwest community, Durante Associates conducted a study to determine the feasibility of building a locally owned ethanol and feed  plant. Durante Associates assisted in designing the study and securing the resources to fund it. Durante Associates assembled a team, including a certified design and build firm, to conduct a preliminary pro forma economic assessment. The study developed a number of economic scenarios on input costs and ran projections on varying levels of ethanol and co-product returns.

With its skills in general communications techniques, Durante Associates designed a comprehensive communications, education, and outreach program for a non-profit Foundation supporting alternative fuels. This program includes publications, workshops, and a radio program. The firm has served as spokesmen for clients on radio and television, and written speeches and articles.

Durante Associates is an official distributor of a complete line of sanitization products. We represent one of the highest regarded EPA/FDA approved manufacturers in the United States, producing the ONLY non-flammable, 75% Micro-Encapsulated Isopropyl Alcohol-Based sanitizer product available today. We provide GSA/EPA/CDC/FDA approved and NDC labeled medical grade sanitizer in hand sanitizer, surface spray, and wipe products.

Durante Associates has provided direct marketing for specific products or services, including:

  • A pneumatic waste handling and disposal system currently in use around the world;
  • A small, portable electric generating plant designed to operate on agricultural or other waste products;
  • The marketing of the Lenox knee Brace to the U.S. Army
  • Nuclear/toxic waste removal and handling services and complete site remediation;
  • A device that applies efficient control of electricity consumption of florescent light fixtures.

Durante Associates designed and implemented an entire state incentive program on behalf of a U.S energy company seeking to enter the ethanol industry. The firm worked with the state legislature and relevant agencies to design an incentive package of tax incentives for both ethanol production and utilization.

Steve Durante – Fortune 500 senior executive,
Start up and M&A Veteran.

Steve Durante has been a Principal in M&A and Start-Up businesses that have collectively sold for $400+ million.

DAI has played a significant management and promotional role in several PGA Tour, USGA, and Charitable Organization events.

For a major U.S. energy and environmental company expanding into the alternative fuels industry, Durante Associates assisted in the siting, financing, and complete development of an ethanol production facility. The firm also conducted a market assessment and analysis for the ethanol to be used as a gasoline additive to reduce auto emissions.

A current client is seeking to commercialize an advanced air filtration system with applications to automobiles as well as stationary locations.  Durante Associates is investigating manufacturing options and facilitating discussions between potential financial, manufacturing, and marketing partners.

Durante Associates was retained by an investment firm involved in financing ethanol plants to identify the impact of pending legislative actions on several projects they were involved with. The firm’s report and sensitivity analysis resulted in one of the plants going forward.